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  • Electrolux Food Truck with Social WiFi on board

    Since the beginning of July Social WiFi has been providing Electrolux Food Truck with free WiFi. During its culinary seaside trip the food truck participates in Project Beach by TVN, Polish TV network. There are various excellent dishes prepared using Electrolux products. The food is not only tasty but also healthy – it’s steam-cooked. The …

    13th August 2015
  • Rafał Brzoska invests in Social WiFi

    Rafał Brzoska, president of Integer.pl Group and the holder of the parcel machine network InPost, has taken over 27,54% of Social WiFi shares. Social WiFi allows owners of various establishments to identify and interact with their guests, for example by using real-time marketing of special offers, mailing, customer surveys and conducting polls based on a …

    23rd September 2015
  • Artur Racicki receives “Kozminski Lion” award

    On September 28, during the inauguration of the academic year 2015/2016, Artur Racicki received a “Kozminski Lion” award from the hands of the Kozminski University’s President prof. Andzej K. Koźmiński, Ph.D. It was the 10th edition of the competition. The statuette of “Kozminski Lion” has a symbolical meaning; it’s a replica of a sculpture by …

    28th September 2015
  • Star-rating system as an alternative to unreliable surveys

    We have received an email from a renowned research company that offers 10% discount for shopping as a reward for filling out a survey. We know in advance that the results won’t be reliable as there is a strong incentive in play. As a method of gathering credible data efficiently, we have developed the star-rating …

    3rd November 2015