TikTok in the hospitality industry: a creative revolution in marketing

Over the past few years, social media has become an integral part of today's business world. One of the most rapidly growing platforms, which attracts the attention of both younger and older audiences, is TikTok. On this platform you can already find ads for brands such as empik, samsung, player, Tymbark, InPost, Pasibus, TMobile, CCC and Redbull. Admittedly, it may seem that short videos with dance challenges, humorous skits and viral trends have little to do with serious business, but the HORECA industry is beginning to see the potential of this platform as a business tool.

TikTok in the hospitality industry: a creative revolution in marketing

Cafes and hotels and especially restaurants are realizing that in the face of increasing competition and dynamic changes in consumer preferences, it is necessary to take an innovative approach in marketing and promoting their services. TikTok not only offers the opportunity to reach a wide and diverse audience, but also provides an opportunity to demonstrate creativity and originality.

A visual feast for customers

One of the most important factors in the HORECA industry is presentation. Dishes must not only taste delicious, but also look appetizing to entice customers to visit the establishment. TikTok is perfect for showing the visual side of a restaurant or cafe. Short, dynamic videos allow you to present your dishes in an attractive way, which can increase the appetite of potential customers.

Creativity that attracts attention

TikTok is a platform that values originality and creativity. A company operating in the HORECA industry can take advantage of popular challenges, trends or sounds, while adding its own original twist. Unique and entertaining content attracts the attention of users, and those who are charmed by the presentation can become potential customers.

Reaching out to younger customers

Many restaurants and cafes are trying to attract younger customers, who are some of TikTok's most active users. By publishing interesting content on the platform, businesses can build a bond with this age group and attract new regular visitors.

Local promotion and community creation

TikTok also offers the opportunity to promote local events, special offers and promotions that will attract the attention of local neighborhoods. Additionally, interacting with users and creating unique hashtags can help build a local online community around the brand.

Cooperation with influencers

Influential creators on TikTok have gained a wide audience and are highly trusted by their followers. Collaborating with influencers who match a company's aesthetics and values can help you reach many more potential customers.

However, to effectively use TikTok in the HORECA industry, companies must maintain authenticity and avoid pushy advertising content. The key to success is to create content that engages and builds relationships with audiences, while perfectly showcasing the offerings and atmosphere of the site.


TikTok can become a powerful business tool for the HORECA industry if companies approach it with creativity, authenticity and a proper understanding of their target audience. It's a platform that offers many opportunities and can help increase visibility, engage customers and ultimately translate that into increased revenue.

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