More loyal customers, more revenue

Turn your WiFi into a loyalty program, rewarding customers for their regular, repeat visits.

Because we all want our customers spending more money, more often, right?

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Automated Loyalty Marketing

Social WiFi knows how often an individual is visiting and allows you to tailor email marketing to loyal customers at the right time.

Perhaps you want to reward people on a specific visit, or every 10th visit? Whatever you choose, we have the automation tools to make it happen.

Set your rule, design your email and we'll do the rest.

Win back lost customers

Your WiFi can also tell if somebody hasn't visited in a while. So what's to lose by dropping an email to encourage them to visit once again?

Create a beautiful email, set the number of days since last visit, and we'll deliver for you, on that day.

Do more with Social WiFi

Improve your customer loyalty

Get your customers visiting more often and spending more money in your business.

Automate your targeted email marketing

Send the right marketing messages to the right people at the right time and you’ll have better results.

Comply with GDPR and still capture data

Get more people opting in to your communications while also complying with GDPR regulations.

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