Celebrate with your customers - birthdays are a special time of the year!

In today's competitive world of hospitality business, creating strong bonds with customers and building customer loyalty is crucial for success. One tool that can significantly impact customer satisfaction and loyalty is the collection of birthdays through WiFi logins using the Facebook plug-in on Social WiFi. In this article, we will discuss why this is so important and how to use birthday data to send greetings and offer birthday promotions on hotel or restaurant bookings.

Celebrate with your customers - birthdays are a special time of the year!

Collecting birthdays by logging on to WiFi

The Social WiFi system, using the Facebook plug-in, allows you to collect user data, including birthdays. When guests log on to the WiFi network, they are asked for permission to access their Facebook profile, which allows them to obtain information about their birthdays. This is a valuable source of data that can be used to increase customer satisfaction and influence customer loyalty.

Sending birthday wishes

Sending birthday wishes is a great way to show customers that they are important to your brand. On your birthday or even a few days before, you can send personalized wishes by e-mail or SMS. It's a simple gesture that will bring a smile to the customer's face and make them feel special. You can also include a special offer, such as a discount on a hotel stay or a free dessert at a restaurant, to celebrate the occasion.

Birthday promotions for reservations

To further increase the impact of birthdays on customer loyalty, you can offer special birthday promotions for hotel or restaurant bookings. For example, you can offer a 30% discount on a night in a hotel or a free dessert for a birthday person in a restaurant during the entire month of his birthday. This will not only attract customers to your place, but also make them feel special and appreciated by your brand.

Customer satisfaction and impact on loyalty

Sending birthday wishes and offering birthday promotions has a huge impact on customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Customers feel appreciated and important, which builds positive relationships with your hotel or restaurant. Satisfied customers are more likely to return to your place and recommend it to others. This is crucial, especially in the competitive hospitality industry, where positive recommendations from satisfied customers can bring many benefits.


Collecting birthdays by logging into your WiFi network using the Facebook Social WiFi plug-in is an important tool in the hospitality industry. Using this data to send birthday wishes and offer birthday promotions on bookings has a huge impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Assuring customers that they are important and appreciated builds lasting relationships and contributes to the success of your hotel or restaurant.

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