Social WiFi Delivers Free WiFi in Quito's Metro System

Social WiFi, an innovator in WiFi technology, in partnership with Ciem Telecom, a major infrastructure provider in Ecuador, is revolutionizing urban connectivity through a landmark collaboration with Metro de Quito, the city's premier underground subway service. This joint venture is setting new standards in public internet access and city infrastructure.

Under this collaboration, Social WiFi and Ciem Telecom are working closely to implement advanced free WiFi systems across the Metro de Quito network. Currently, services are active in four metro stations, with a full rollout across all stations expected by March. This project is transforming the daily commute, offering passengers uninterrupted internet connectivity.

Ciem Telecom, known for its robust infrastructure capabilities, is spearheading the physical rollout of the WiFi systems. Meanwhile, Social WiFi brings its expertise by providing the guest authentication layer, crucial for user access and security. This synergy between the two companies is creating a seamless and efficient deployment of the service.

Innovative Business Model

A unique aspect of this initiative is Social WiFi's role in enabling Metro de Quito and the city hall to monetize the service. By integrating an advertising platform into the WiFi login system, the city hall can generate revenue. This income is earmarked for reinvestment in community projects, creating a sustainable model that benefits the entire city.

With over 10,000 daily users at just four stations, the project's early success is evident. Commuters enjoy free connectivity, saving on data costs and staying connected on the go. This service is particularly beneficial for students and professionals who rely on constant internet access.

Commitment to Ecuador

“Our collaboration with Ciem Telecom and Metro de Quito is a testament to our commitment to innovative solutions in public connectivity. By providing a platform for advertisement and city revenue, we're not just offering WiFi; we're helping to build a more connected and financially sustainable city,” said Mario Ramos, Director Comercial at Social WiFi.

As the project progresses, Social WiFi and Ciem Telecom continue to explore new ways to enhance urban life through technology. This partnership sets a precedent for future collaborations and positions Quito as a leader in integrating technology into public services.

More in 2024...

This pioneering initiative by Social WiFi and Ciem Telecom exemplifies how strategic partnerships and innovative technology can significantly enhance public infrastructure, benefitting residents and the city alike. More updates will follow as this exciting venture unfolds.

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