What we did at Social WiFi in 2023 - A year in review

Innovation is at the core of what we do, and 2023 was a testament to our commitment to advancing our services and enhancing user experience.

What we did at Social WiFi in 2023 - A year in review

2023 was a big year, with new offices opening and hundreds of new clients setting up Social WiFi to improve their customer experience and marketing efforts. But it was also a big year for product improvements and feature releases.

Let’s take a look back at things, in no particular order…

ChatGPT and AI Tools

Like the rest of the business world, we jumped on the AI bandwagon and started wondering how it could improve Social WiFi. With this in mind, we started rolling this out in our customer service tools enabling better responses to customer feedback and analysing large volumes of feedback from the review system.

SMS Marketing and WiFi Authentication

SMS Marketing is very popular in certain parts of the world and to support clients in such places, we enabled the ability to login to WiFi with your phone number and for clients to send SMS Marketing to these customers.

Hardware Integrations

We increased our range of supported hardware vendors to make it easier for more businesses to get started with Social WiFi. Noteably, we added ExtremeCloud IQ, Aruba Instant On, Alcatel Lucent and created new and easier ways to integrate with Ubiquiti UniFi.

Campaign-Ready Email Templates

We made available a variety of customizable email templates that users can select and tailor when setting up marketing campaigns, simplifying the email creation process.

Branding Options for Agreements Page

We improved the customization options for the Agreements Page, enabling businesses to better align the appearance of their WiFi service with their brand image.

Email Automation Scheduling

Advanced scheduling features for email automation were introduced, allowing users to plan their marketing communications more effectively and efficiently.

More in 2024...

Each of these advancements in 2023 has been a step towards enhancing the user experience, streamlining operations for businesses, and paving the way for a more connected future. We're not just following trends; we're setting them.

Join us on our journey forward. For more detailed insights into each of these updates, visit our Product Updates page and follow us on Instagram @socialwificom. If you have any suggestions for how we get even better, speak to your Social WiFi Account Manager.

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