You can only make a first impression once ... or can you?

I would like to invite you to read all of our current customers and those interested in implementing the Social WiFi tool. Let's start from the beginning...

You can only make a first impression once ... or can you?

87% of respondents confirm that they would specifically connect to Wi-Fi if they could get a measurable benefit from it. The benefit, apart from access to the Internet, can be a discount on the next reservation, a dinner at a restaurant or participation in a cafe loyalty program.

The vast majority of visitors/customers will log on to the network. Thanks to Social WiFi, you have created or will create unique login pages, and here I come to the main topic - first impression - what to pay attention to in order to make a good first impression? What to improve in the existing creation of login pages?

Here are some tips:


Inseparable element of the brand. Let's look at it carefully and ask ourselves - is our logo universal? Does it bear the hallmarks of the era in which it was created (I mean the work of graphic designers from the turn of the century. Global brands and the largest Polish brands refresh their logos, a good example may be the Bakalland brand. Consider whether our logo fits well with the design of login pages and on the website www. Maybe it's time to refresh the logo.


An auxiliary question - do you have a brand book in your organization/enterprise? The guidelines regarding the fonts, colors, and logo color variations were created to ensure visual consistency. There should be no arbitrary use of fonts - take care of consistency when designing login pages, consents and welcome pages. If you have not found the right font in our menu - please contact us.


do you update photos? You must be wondering where? On login pages, automations and e.g. in the google business card. The seasons change - the view of the mountains, the sea, the garden changes cyclically. Show the uniqueness of the place where the hotel, restaurant or cafe is located. A city at night, a seaside beach or a forest are the perfect backdrop.


Compatibility of logo and background colors is the key to harmony. Gold and dark blue, green and red, white and black - prepare several designs and decide what looks best. If current trends are important to you - follow the Pantone Institute!

Brand promotion

Encourage your customers to visit your website, Instagram profile or YouTube channel. Place an image with a link on the welcome page - you can present attractions, dishes, cocktails or Spa - promote news and unique experiences.

If you need support - contact us. We offer the service of preparing the design of login pages. Surprise your guests with a new, refreshed look of login pages and sent e-mails! Good luck😊

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