Why contract-less is better for businesses to win more clients

For all business offering services over a longer term, it's important to consider the advantages and disadvantages operating with or without a contract. While many companies require their clients to sign lengthy, binding agreements, there are several compelling reasons why offering services without a contract might be a more viable and appealing option to the prospect and the business.

Why contract-less is better for businesses to win more clients

One of the main advantages of offering services without a contract is that it will foster a great sense of trust and transparency between the business and their prospects and clients. When evaluating a product or service that they're not familiar with, they are more likely to feel comfortable and at ease with the service provider, knowing that they are not being locked into an agreement that could ultimately prove disadvantageous to after purchase. Nobody wants to feel a fool either, so realing 3 months into a 24 month deal that the product is a bad fit, can leave people feeling a tad embarrassed.

Many benefits

For a selling business, no contract can vastly speed up the process of getting a yes decision from the buyer and the first invoice issued. Often sales process that require a commitment of time from a buyer involves more meetins, more people to approve and therefore, much more time. And inevitably, a lawyer is going to want to take a look at the contract, and that times time, there will be revisions, questions and more frustration for the sales team. The question is, is it worth dragging out the amount of time your sales team spend winning a deal, just to enforce a contract that will hopefully never have to be looked at. If you provide a good product and service, why would you need to lock your client in?

Transparency and flexibility

Offering services without a contract can also be a valuable marketing tool. By emphasising their commitment to transparency, flexibility, and customer satisfaction, companies that offer services without a contract can stand out in the market place by saying that we have the confidence that you won't want to leave. And this can be particularly important for small and mid-sized businesses that are trying to make themselves known in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

Now obviously, its not all upside. There are also some downsides to offering services without a contract. For one thing, the finance team will find it more difficult to predict revenue and growth over the medium and long term. Predicting churn is difficult for many businesses who don't have a historical data set, and having a calendar of contact renewal dates makes their job easier. But are we really doing business just to please the number crunchers? And, businesses will need to invest more resources in customer support and retention efforts, as there will be less of a sense of obligation among clients who are not bound by a contract. If a client has a right to cancel at any time, you better make sure you don't give them an easy reason to do so.

Overall, there are many compelling reasons why businesses should offer their services without a contract. From building trust and loyalty to fostering flexibility and adaptability, this approach can help companies to differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace while also providing greater value and transparency to their customers. Whether you are an established business looking to evolve your service offerings or a new startup trying to carve out a niche, the decision to offer services without a contract is one that should be carefully considered and evaluated in light of your specific business goals and objectives.

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