Why are loyalty programmes important?

What does the programme participant stand to gain and what does the hotel organising the programme itself stand to gain?

Why are loyalty programmes important?

Loyalty programs are extremely important for hotels because they allow you to build long-term relationships with the guest. Thanks to them, hotels can attract and retain their customers, offering them a number of benefits and rewards for their loyalty.

For hotels, loyalty programs have many benefits. First of all, they allow you to increase the number of direct bookings, which avoids the costs associated with intermediaries. Loyalty programs also increase profits, as loyal customers tend to book longer stays and take advantage of additional hotel services.

Guests can earn points or other rewards that can be redeemed for free stays, free breakfasts, room upgrades, etc. This motivates them to return to the hotel as members want to increase their points balance or other rewards.

Loyalty programs also allow for faster and more efficient booking and check-out processes, as guests who are members of a loyalty program often have access to dedicated communication and service channels.

In addition, loyalty programs allow guests to feel appreciated and distinguished by a given hotel. Membership in a loyalty program may mean special treatment for guests, such as additional amenities, gifts or the possibility of taking advantage of special offers that are only available to a small group of guests.

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