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The amount of technologies related to WiFi is much larger than most people would think, and their usefulness cannot be overstated.

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What's the Difference Between 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi?

What do these numbers actually mean? Does it realy matter? Is one better than the other? How many questions are we going to ask in this description?

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What is Li-Fi - Wireless Data Transmission Using Light

We all know that WiFi uses radio waves. But what if we tried to transmit wireless data using light? We now know the answer to this question.

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Why Do We Need Mesh Routers?

Over the past few years, the demand for WiFi bandwidth at homes has increased multiple times. How can mesh routers be used in order to solve that problem?

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WiGig - Fast, Short-Range WiFi Standard

We all enjoy WiFi. That's why every new iteration is hugely important, especially if it's the fastest standard to date. What exactly are we talking about?

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How Cities Can Benefit From Wireless Technologies?

Internet is one of the most prominent signs of a modern city which attempts to increase the comfort of its inhabitants and improve its functioning. But how?

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Facebook's Find WiFi - How To Locate Nearby Open Networks

Facebook is known for introducing new interesting features. This time it decided to create one which makes it easier to find WiFi access in your proximity.

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4 New WiFi Standards We Can Benefit From

The WiFi we all know and love is only one version of transmitting data. Several new standards will be coming out soon. Which ones should you watch out for?

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Can LTE-U Threaten WiFi's Position? Not Quite

What is LTE-U and how does it work? Why is it and WiFi at odds? Who is behind the two technologies, and will the opposing sides find a way to collaborate?

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