Network Monitoring

Keeping your network safe, sound and stable requires three things: information, information, and information. Our features give you just that.

Use Social WiFi to track your users' internet activity, receive alerts and notifications regarding the functioning of your network and learn about the internet devices used by your customers.

Having information about customers' demographics is only one part of learning about them. What smartphones do they usually use? What is their primary operating system? Will you need to adjust your website for mobile devices? Are they having trouble connecting?

All that information can easily be acquired with Social WiFi.

Notifications & Alarms

Our system allows you to receive notifications and alerts regarding any changes, inactivity or other aspects of Social WiFi's service that you might need.

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Device Detection

Discovering what devices are connected to your network allows you to manage the permissions of each one of them independently and comfortably from your panel.

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Network Protection

Security is important, and we know it well. Social WiFi utilizes multiple ways of securing our data, networks and devices. Here you can learn more about it.

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Network Scanning with Fing

While using a local network we might be forced to i.e. find a wireless printer in it. In order to find it and its IP address, we might utilize Fing.

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WiFi Analyzer for Android - checking WiFi hotspots for best connection quality

In AppStore or Google Play we can find a lot of applications. One of them is WiFi Analyzer. Learn more about how to check the quality of nearby networks!

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Troubleshooting WiFi Connection Problems with Radio Spectrum Analyzers

Spectrim analyzers are capable of detecting radio waves across a given frequency range. They can be used to fix problems with WiFi connection.

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