Captive Portal

Customer data is extremely valuable, both to business owners and the customers themselves. In order to capture it in an intuitive and non-invasive way, we decided to create our very own captive portal.

Use social media, custom login forms, or staff privileges to access the internet at your venue with Social WiFi. It has never been this simple - paper forms or asking the customers for their information one-by-one are things of the past.

Staff Login

Using the same network for both your guests and your staff can become problematic. We allow both groups to connect and use the internet with no trouble.

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Custom Login Forms

Sometimes you might want to receive additional information that cannot be provided by simply logging in with social media. We've also got that covered.

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Social Media Login

Social media is a huge part of our lives. It is now easier than ever to use it as a login method for your customers while providing value for your business.

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