Social Media Login

More and more businesses begin to implement the possibility of logging into their network by using a social media account. There are several reasons for this trend, the most important one being the easiest to perceive - it’s just that comfortable.

Social media became a huge part of our lives. That makes it easier than ever to use it as a method of verification on our devices.

Most of us are already logged into our accounts, so it’s as simple as pressing a button. Users are frequently discouraged by the need to fill out long forms with their personal information. Social login makes this unnecessary, and yet manages to provide personalized experience for everyone.

This method makes life easier for the users, but managers aren’t left empty-handed. The contact data shared during login can be used in order to communicate with customers and provide them with various benefits and materials, such as promotional codes, newsletters or information about newest offers. They can be targeted to specific audiences, increasing their engagement and having low chance of being treated as spam.

It also removes the need to remember multiple passwords for various accounts, while data encoding ensures that no valuable information is lost to outside sources.

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