Customer Communication

Communication should always go both ways - it is as simple as that. Otherwise you miss out on exactly half of the conversation, and that's a loss businesses cannot underestimate. Our service creates a simple way to prevent that and not only allow you to contact your customers, but also gives them a chance to return the favor.

Loyal customers can be worth multiple times as much as their first purchase. And what better way is there to build their loyalty than to answer their concerns and set the matter straight right away, before they even leave the venue?

Message your customers directly, let them post their comments directly from their smartphones and hold valuable contests that will provide additional value for your events. The simplicity of customer communication provided by Social WiFi is impossible to overestimate.

Messaging System

Social WiFi’s messaging system is simple - to help you communicate with your customers in the most efficient and orderly fashion. Why don't you come try it?

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Contact Forms

Our contact form allows your visitors to send direct messages to the venue’s administrator from our welcome page. It’s as simple as typing in their opinion.

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Increase interaction with your visitors by using our contests in order to bring an additional bit of entertainment to your events and build customer loyalty.

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