Splash Page

Social WiFi's splash page allows you to easily display any sort of content to your visitors, allowing them to easily learn more about your business. Is there any better way to do that than to display the most important information immediately after the customers manage to connect to your WiFi network?

Display any content - text, images, animations, links and videos - directly after login process. Your customers will be able to quickly and surely access information about any coupons, latest promotions or offers and benefit from them, impacting their opinion about your business and building loyalty. After all, who doesn't like to receive new or cheaper things?

Once the splash page has been seen by the customer, it won't show up again for some time, unless its content has been changed. It is enough that the users see the site once - they won't necessarily like to see the same offers over and over again.

Images & Videos

Make the most of your splash page by posting offers, promotions and information for your customers to see immediately after they connect to the internet!

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Send your customers vouchers that they can redeem at your venues for various benefits. Increase their loyalty and incentivise them to come back to you.

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Include widgets such as weather updates, sport scores and other utilities for you and your customers, providing them with all necessary information.

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