Internet Technology

Technology is important in today's world, and while not all relate to WiFi, many impact the ways our service can be utilized.

It is not about the technology being there. What matters is how we can utilize it effectively to help ourselves and our clients.

5 Technology Trends In 2017

It feels just odd how quickly we got used to smartphones, and many technologies are competing for being the next most influential step in our development.

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Progressive Web Apps - What Are They And How To Use Them

PWAs bridge the gap between websites and mobile apps, using parts of both in order to provide flexible content for both desktop users and portable devices.

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Apple Begins Testing For 5G

Most devices we use every day work on either 2.4 or 5 GHz frequency. Apple just began to test other frequencies that can be used to create a 5G network.

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Modems, Routers And Access Points - How Are They Different?

All those internet devices can sometimes get a little confusing. We are here to clarify why it's important to distinguish routers, modems and APs and how to use them.

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CBRS - Or The Chance For Private Enterprise LTE Networks

CBRS is the chance for everyone - from large mobile carriers to businesses - to make use of the shared 3.5 GHz spectrum in order to easily access the internet.

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Should WiFi Be Worried About Losing Its Wireless Throne?

Multiple technologies are appearing on the market every single year. It's not unreasonable to assume that one of them will substitute our dear WiFi... or is it?

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Should We Begin To Consider Switching To IPv6?

Businesses need to remain flexible. Adapting to new situations is crucial, so we should finally ask ourselves: is it the time to move to IPv6 addressing?

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