Analytics are a crucial component of Social WiFi. Getting to know who your customers are and how to best approach them is vital to any line of business.

Whether your venue is a hotel, a restaurant, a small cafe or an airport, it is difficult to imagine a scenario in which being able to easily process and present the data of your visitors and customers would not be benefitial to you.

Providing your managers with details about your WiFi users will allow them to properly select target groups that are most likely to respond to their marketing campaigns. It will also make it easier for you to establish what direction should your business be developing in.


Knowing what is the primary target of your company is always a good idea. With Social WiFi, you are now able to learn exactly who your customers are.

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User Timeline

Monitor your customers’ cross-venue activity - their times and numbers of visits, reactions to your messages and campaigns, given ratings and reviews.

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Network Activity

View the activity of users who connect to your network, details regarding their connection and devices, as well as identify who is connected to your WiFi.

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Customer Traffic Heat Maps Based on Mobile WiFi Devices

Analyzing customer behavior in a shop or a shopping center or measuring passenger flow on an airport, railway station and so on can provide highly valuable data for your business.

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Why Do Shopping Malls and Stores Need Heatmaps?

Technology is extremely important in retail. That's why we bring you a comprehensive guide to what heatmaps are, how they work and why you need them.

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