WiFi Analyzer for Android - checking WiFi hotspots for best connection quality

In public places usually we are flooded with open WiFi access points. Without some help it may be hard to pick the best open WiFi. Fortunately, AppStore and Google Play come to the rescue, allowing us to find a lot of applications that will help us determine the best network. One of them is WiFi Analyzer.

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WiFi Analyzer lists available access points on an easily accessible WiFi channels chart. If there are multiple networks using the same or neighboring channels then they might disrupt each other. The best choice would be to pick an access point that is the only one using a given channel.

Second function of WiFi Analyzer is signal strength measurement. We can check how WiFi signal of given devices changes with time. If there are some obstacles, for example concrete walls, or if we get too far away then the signal strength may become low or very unstable (just like us without proper internet access). If the strength is good and stable then it's likely that such WiFi network will give us an efficient Internet connection.

There are multiple applications offering similar features. Before installing one of them be sure to check the permissions the particular app requires. It should not ask for things such as your contacts or SMS access.

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