Shopping Center of the 21st Century: 3 Must-Have Marketing Tools

Technology drives change in today's world. We are currently in the stage of the fastest IT technology development in history. Businesses rise and fall based on how they utilize the possibilities given to them by newest discoveries and services. For this reason we want to present you three tools that are going to improve your marketing capabilities in shopping centers.

corridor with a fountain and trees inside a shopping center

I. Good WiFi is Smart WiFi

In digital era not sharing WiFi to customers is simply a crime. However, it is also worth to make sure that WiFi brings us additional benefits. In short, it is important to be able to impact people who log into it and maintain direct contact with them. Such features are offered by Social WiFi, which is one of the first companies to experiment with utilizing accessible shared WiFi network for marketing purposes. Thanks to Social WiFi it is possible to interact with the center’s customers. They will see a welcome screen integrated with social media channels and leave their email addresses during login.

Those information might then be used during mailings that are targeted specifically at people who actually visit the premises. Thus, the center might send certain communicates, as well as receive information back with star rating system and surveys, which help the manager learn what the clients think about the center or particular stores. Such an interaction allows us to easily eliminate various mistakes that we did not previously know about. This kind of solutions is attracting popularity around the world, in places where interactive marketing tools become a new standard in HoReCa sector as well as shopping centers.

II. Mailings – keep them interesting

Mailings are one of the simplest ways to inform potential customers about changes or promotions. They take little time, but can truly bring measurable results. However, there are a few factors that go into successful mailings. Firstly we need a database of email addresses of our current or potential customers. Secondly, an attractive title and concise content are a must-have. How to acquire an email database? The customers frequently give them on their own, while e.g. accepting the terms of agreement of a promotion. Another way is to use the smart WiFi which we mentioned above.

III. Screens – bring attention first

Screens begin to play more and more important roles. According to studies, 25% of customers shop according to the ads they have witnessed in the center itself, while the most noticeable are the ones displayed on the screens. Close to stairs, in the elevators, in parking areas – small 1 meter or monumental 12 meter screens get attention of the visitors. Choice of size and placement are arbitrary, but completely giving them up leaves us behind our competition. While speaking about using screens for marketing, we begin to think about smartphones. In today’s world it is possible to display communicates and ads on various devices.

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