Boosting Your Sales By Encouraging Customers To Come Back... With WiFi?

Keeping your clients coming back is crucial for every business. Not only does it make your revenue more consistent, it also makes it higher - studies show that customer retention is not only several times cheaper than finding new ones, but also helps you to significantly increase your sales (Bain).

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Providing personalized experience, interacting with the ones who already enjoy your services and responding to their feedback are some of the most important aspects of keeping them coming. Social WiFi allows you to do just that, by providing analytics components and communication tools that make it possible to reach out to your visitors and increase their satisfaction. So how does one encourage them to return to the business?

Offering free WiFi

Free WiFi in your venue is a perk by itself. Simply having network access available for your guests increases sales by an average of 2% in retail, and even more in hospitality sector, while creating another network for your employees can boost this number even further by giving them the technological advantage of using internet-compatible electronic devices. Regardless of which group do you provide network access to, your sales are very likely to increase.

Communication is key

There is no better way to achieve the loyalty of your customers than by caring for their opinions and overall well-being. 51% of US shoppers remain loyal to brands that interact with them through their preferred communication channels (Accenture).

Social WiFi allows you to use all of the most popular social media channels and email services to directly engage in a dialogue with your visitors, providing them with most valuable information about offers and services. For example, you can invite your guests to your Facebook events, or send them emails with coupons to redeem during their next stay.

Gather their feedback

In order to improve, it is crucial to know what your customers think about you and your services. Feedback gathering is frequently an issue, since establishing reliable results by traditional means takes plenty of time, effort and money. Instead, Social WiFi introduces the Mystery Shopper online function, which allows your patrons to rate their stay at your venue on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, or by sending you a text comment. This allows you to consistently learn about their expectations and do your best in order to keep them loyal.

Personalizing experience

As much as 21% of shoppers is more likely to purchase again from a brand which does its best to personalize their digital experience. This may include sending targeted messages, providing coupons or special offers based on their frequency of visits. Such actions are crucial to significantly increasing satisfaction, especially since in the modern world almost everyone carries an internet compatible smartphone on them at all times. Using them instead of typical plastic cards or paper forms makes it much more comfortable for the customer and creates a personal bond between him and the company, keeping him engaged with your business. Using technology for this purpose will also set you apart from your competitors, possibly attracting new people to you.

Thanks to Social WiFi, it is possible to send targeted messages based on your customer’s information. For example, you can create a campaign meant specifically for women in a certain age group, who have visited your venue at least four times within the last month.

Social WiFi covers those functions in order to not only maintain your marketing communication with your customers and monetize your gains, but also directly increase the revenue they bring to your venues and the amount of time they are willing to spend there.

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