TripAdvisor is the top travelling review system in the world, which allows you to rate and comment on visited venues for all world to see within seconds. Its rating became one of the most important measures for venue competitiveness and quality of service.

Have you been wondering how to boost your popularity or rating? Look no further - TripAdvisor Review Express integration was meant specifically with this purpose in mind. Effortlessly connect your TripAdvisor profile with Social WiFi and automatically ask your customers for reviews. At their convenience, for your benefit.

After 3 days of leaving your venue, visitors will be emailed a request to leave a review on TripAdvisor. During these 3 days you have the perfect opportunity to contact them, encouraging positive feedback and filtering out negative comments - and Social WiFi is going to help you with each step.

Using this integration, our customers register on average 5 times more reviews!

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