Feedback Collection

Gathering feedback from your customers by traditional means takes a lot of effort on your part and a lot of time on theirs. In the same time, it frequently creates dishonest or unreliable responses due to the inconvenience it causes. Solving this problem requires a solution which is simple, effective and only takes a few seconds. Social WiFi allows you to effortlessly gather feedback from your visitors, giving you another way to improve the quality of your service and better accommodate their needs.

After a set number of hours from leaving your venue, the user receives an email asking him to rate his satisfaction on a scale of 1-5. It helps to uphold high standards of customer happiness and allowing to detect potential issues, all while engaging the person in venue’s development.

Your customers can also add a short review in order to express a more detailed opinion, which can be directly answered by the managers. 48% of global consumers don’t believe most brands take action on customer feedback. We help you to prove them wrong and easily keep in touch with your visitors in order to prevent negative reviews.

Knowing what your customers think about you is crucial in every line of business. Make it easy for them to show their appreciation.

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