What Is Network Security?

How do network protection methods work?

Network security consists of multiple layers of protection, with each of them controlling the traffic according to its own rules. Authorized users receive access to the data, while any sort of malware is blocked.

What topics relate to network security?

Mobile device security

Cyberattacks more and more frequently target mobile devices, which isn't surprising when taking their popularity under consideration. They keep our personal data and are connected to social media, internet services and even bank accounts.

App security

Every software that you use and is connected to your network should be protected. However, certain apps might contain vulnerabilities that might be used in order to infiltrate the network. Fortunately, there are also applications dedicated to protecting your device. They utilize your hardware and software in order to strengthen your defence.

Access control

Not every user should have access to your network. In order to decrease the risk of unauthorized access, each user and device need to be carefully controlled. Unknown devices can be either rejected completely or allowed in with limited access.

Antivirus software

Malware such as viruses, worms, trojans or spyware attack our network or device and infect it. Antivirus software should find and destroy such programs, as well as track infected files in order to detect anomalies or remotely controlled sleeper malwares.

Preventing data leaks

Companies and associations need to watch our for sensitive data leaks and make it impossible for employees to spread them further. Technologies such as DLP (Data Loss Prevention) prevent sending, sharing or even printing of certain information.

Email security

Emails are a place where most of security breaches stems from. The attackers frequently use personal information as well as advanced phishing tactics in order to deceive and infect the receiver. Apps that take care of this kind of security block incoming attacks, as well as control outgoing emails.


Firewalls are barriers set up between our trusted network and oustide networks such as the internet. They set up rules that filter out packets of data. Firewalls can be be either software, hardware, or hybrid solutions.

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