How Important Is Mobile Marketing?

Marketing is invaluable when it comes to promoting products and services. There are many ways in which the companies are trying to reach potential and existing customers. What is one of the best ones the 21st century? To use the internet, of course.

a woman drinking iced beverage and looking at her phone in a cafe

That, however, creates another question: how to use it? There are multiple devices people use in order to connect to the network. The basic classification is to divide them based on portability – on mobile and desktop devices.

For many years, stationary devices led the way when it came to web traffic. Smartphones were not nearly as popular as today, and when they became widespread, the quality of internet services did not quite catch up to them. Now the tables have turned. Thanks to better internet data plans, faster devices and the prevalence of mobile apps, desktops have fallen behind in terms of web traffic. It’s virtually impossible to think of a large and popular website which is not optimized for portable devices. Even Google has been introducing optimisation practices that filter out sites that are not specifically prepared for them.

People use their phones all the time. Look around in a cafe, restaurant, or a shopping mall, and it’s easy to find multiple people looking at their phones. Hospitality businesses that do not offer free customer Wi-Fi are losing them to these ones that do. Smartphones are by themselves reaching 50% of all time digital media time spent, and the time is used not only on web browsing, but also social interactions, research and even purchases.

In this world, internet marketers who are trying to reach the largest amount of users possible with their ads, search engine keywords and social media influence need to focus on mobile devices. While desktop use has stayed fairly consistent throughout the years, the amount of people who utilize portable devices has grown enormously.

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