Smart WiFi in Omnichannel Strategy

Using smart WiFi in shopping malls, stores, hotels and restaurants is becoming a standard. 90% of customers have a WiFi-capable device – a tablet, phone or laptop, while 75% of people state that 1 week without WiFi would leave them grumpier than a week without coffee. There’s a reason why 70% of retail store owners in the USA provide WiFi in their shops. The numbers speak for themselves – in a short while, sharing WiFi will be a necessity for stores and shopping malls. For business owners, WiFi is not only a source of detailed marketing information about their customers, but also a modern communication channel that allows reaching the users directly.

WiFi as a tool for marketing and analytics

An advanced analytical module allows planning two-way communication. It’s a win-win situation in which marketers obtain data and use it to engage customers by sending vouchers, special offers and discounts tailored to the particular client. Marketing strategies often involve social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, as well as Google AdWords and email campaigns. Using WiFi is a great way to integrate these channels.

WiFi integrations

By using multi-channel potential of Social WiFi you can conduct various campaigns for retail, hospitality and event sectors. Our tool supports Facebook, AdWords and email campaigns. We install hotsports in InPost parcel machines and AMS citylights, at the same time communicating the presence of free WiFi with an outdoor creation. How it works? People waiting at a bus stop see a message that they may use free WiFi. After logging in, they may get a special discount, encouraging them to visit a nearby shop. This kind of communication may be reinforced using social media or QR codes.

Offline to online conversion

Using AdWords or Facebook campaigns allows putting remarketing codes in the login process. This way everyone that has been logged in will see the ads that redirect them to an online shop. This way the CPC cost may be significantly lowered, increasing the numer of people that can be successfully targeted.

Gathering feedback

One of many ways for collecting feedback using Social WiFi is the star rating system. Up to 30% of users choose to rate the place they have visited. It is far more efficient than overly complicated surveys. This solution lets our clients save up on the marketing research – there’s no need for Mystery Shopper services and the feedback is collected ceaselessly. If a particular customer is not satisfied, we get to know way and may choose to offer some kind of compensation – a discount or a bonus for his next visit.

WiFi marketing

Marketing communication is moving towards using Big Data, two-way communication, precise targeting and integrating various channels. WiFi supports omnichannel solutions via automation, remarketing, social media and emailing platforms integrations and advanced analytics. On this basis marketers can determine whether they are effective, plan long term campaigns and optimize costs while generating profit from sharing free WiFi.

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