Król Plaza Spa & Wellness: WiFi Marketing success in the Polish riviera

The Król Plaza Hotel in Darłówko, Poland, implemented the Social WiFi system, acquiring over 2,000 e-mail addresses in 3 months and increasing positive reviews of guests online, which distinguished the facility from the seaside competition.

Król Plaza Spa & Wellness: WiFi Marketing success in the Polish riviera

Darłówko Wschodnie

The West Pomeranian Voivodeship is a fascinating place that offers extraordinary diversity landscapes and attractions. There are beautiful coasts of the Baltic Sea here, with unique... beaches and picturesque cliffs. The voivodeship is rich in monuments and places of great value cultural, such as castles, palaces or museums. There is also plenty for nature lovers to enjoy offer; including protected areas and national parks, such as the Wolin National Park.

The West Pomeranian Voivodeship is also a region of sports and recreational activities - perfect for enthusiasts water sports, hiking or cycling. In the north of the voivodeship, in Jarosławiec Król Plaza Spa & Wellness is located - an ideal place for those seeking peace in... accompanied by seaside landscapes.



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At the Król Plaza Spa & Wellness attaches great importance to the automation of service processes client. To support marketing, Management decided to implement the Social WiFi system. The purpose of the implementation was to collect contact data for guests logged in to the network wireless and e-mail marketing.


King Plaza Spa & Wellness, striving to provide comprehensive service to its guests, decided collect e-mail addresses in order to maintain contact with them and provide information about offers special events or building a strong position of your brand in the minds of guests. However, a challenge for of this facility was to not only collect this data effectively, but also guarantee their highest safety. From the very beginning, safety issues were key aspect. While looking for a solution, a security audit was commissioned.


External company specializing in providing network solutions and assurance data security, based on the audit, recommended the implementation of the Social WiFi system. Key assumptions were met - the acquired data was properly protected against unwanted leakage. With the implementation of the system, the hotel began planned activities marketing. Thanks to email marketing campaigns sent by Social WiFi, guests they were more likely to leave positive opinions on external opinion portals. Extensive analytical tools made it possible to verify the number of returning guests who were the recipients advertising campaigns. Additionally, after consulting Social WiFi support, the hotel started a promotion its own beer brewed on site. Guests of Król Plaza Spa & Wellness was recognized by the hotel brewery for its unique added value. The advertising campaign on the login pages encouraged visitors for visits and tastings.


During the first three months of cooperation, Król Plaza Spa & Wellness raised over 2k unique email addresses. Thanks to the integration of the Social WiFi system with the Facebook pixel, campaigns marketing messages reach the right target group. Additionally, the Social WiFi review system directed satisfied guests to external portals, and sent negative ones for analysis response by hotel Management. Upselling in the form of promoting your own brewery was ensured additional revenue and distinguished the hotel from the seaside competition.

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