Europa Hotel with Social WiFi

One of the challenges that hotel managers face is identifying their Guests and providing them relevant information about their venue. Oftentimes the visitors would like to learn about nearby attractions and what the business has to offer, or simply to express their opinion regarding their stay. In order to make communication with them as easy as possible, the management of Europa Hotel decided to implement the solution provided by Social WiFi.

Europa Hotel is a luxury four-star venue located in Starachowice, nearby Świętokrzyskie Mountains. It is a perfect spot for nature lovers, with 154 modern, fully equipped rooms. The hotel also contains a restaurant, a pub, SPA saloon and sports objects such as swimming pool and gym. During the winter period, the Guests have the possibility to visit ski slopes situated in nearby towns, as well as other seasonal attractions.

In order to use the free internet network provided by Social WiFi, the users login in with their social media account or email address. The process only takes a few seconds, and needs to be completed only once – the service will remember the information during next visits.

After finalizing the login process they are direct to the welcome page, which contains content designated by the hotel’s managers. They can include details regarding lodging, discounts or new offers, giving the Guests access to information in a way that is quick and easy both for them and the staff.

Thanks to Social WiFi, the hotel’s personnel has the possibility to utilize data such as age, sex or language used in order to improve communication with their visitors. In order to accomplish this goal, the service contains mailing features that allow them to choose specific target groups and set up automated campaigns. This gives them the possibility to adjust the offer to particular needs and preferences, additionally increasing the comfort and opinion of their Guests.

Emails can also be sent immediately when the user logs into the service. Thanks to this feature he can receive information about the hotel’s offer or nearby attractions immediately following his arrival.

Another benefit of using Social WiFi is the ability to bypass OTAs such as Directing the Guests to your website allows to avoid additional costs and provisions related to reservations made through outside platforms. The hotel can offer their visitors additional benefits in return for direct bookings.

Social WiFi also makes it possible to gather opinions regarding the visits thanks to Mystery Shopper online system. After leaving the hotel, the Guests automatically receive a message encouraging them to rate their stay on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Additionally, they receive the possibility to send the staff a text message, in which they can describe their experiences in more detail.

The data gathered by the service gives the hotel managers the possibility to directly address the opinions and prevent negative comments before they have the chance to appear. This significantly impacts the ability to conduct consistent communication and maintain good relations with the Guests.

The service is also integrated with TripAdvisor, allowing the visitors to quickly and seamlessly rate the venue. The opinions left by them improve positioning and scoring of the hotel in the platform’s search results. Two-way communication with the people who visited the premise allows for verification of the ratings and discouraging them from posting a negative opinion, should the need arise.

Europa Hotel has access to a new tool which improves its channels of communication with network users. It is the next step in increasing the standards of quality for both the users and the venue’s owners.

"Thanks to Social WiFi we can build strong relations with our Guests. We take their opinions regarding their stay under careful consideration, which helps us to increase the quality of service in our hotel. Welcome messages that contain information about the hotel and nearby attractions also significantly simplify communication, since our Guests frequently ask us about these matters. Since we have started to utilize Social WiFi, we became capable of better addressing the needs of our quests", adds Robert Wierucki, Director of Europa Hotel.

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