Social WiFi Reseller Program

We’re proud to present you with a unique opportunity to become a Certified Social WiFi Reseller of the smartest Wi-Fi solution available. Social WiFi is the perfect analytical and marketing Wi-Fi tool for such businesses as restaurants, cafés, hotels, stores and shopping malls. Our extremely lucrative terms provide grounds for dynamic, large-scale distribution. Become a reseller now.

The best way to get to know our service before deciding to begin working together is to take part in our weekly webinar. You can choose a suitable date and sign up here.

Support from Social WiFi

We provide:

  • transparent payment plan – monthly fee depending solely on the number of sessions registered at your customers’ venues
  • your own pricing – you may choose to create custom pricing for your customers; adjusting the prices to your own market
  • referrals from Social WiFi – we receive many enquiries each day; we forward them to our local resellers
  • free of charge demo service – you may use it to test the features and present it to your potential customers
  • printable materials – stickers, stands, folders, instructions
  • presentations – detailed information about the services we provide, including tutorials and walkthroughs for you and your customers
  • technical help – our network engineers support you with implementations
  • localization platform – in case you need the service translated to a new language, we provide you with a professional platform for localization
  • remote device configuration – to implement Social WiFi at a venue, you need a device that can be configured remotely from our headquarters; no shipping delay or trouble with customs
  • consulting – our consultant is available for you to contact via Skype
  • flexible team – we highly value your suggestions; we are keen on perfecting the service, adjusting it to your local requirements


  • certification fee – a yearly fee of $500; includes all the benefits mentioned above
  • optional white label (grey label) – in case you would like to sell Social WiFi as your product, we provide such an option for $2500 per year; includes your branding and custom features
  • monthly payments – we charge per location, depending on the registered number of sessions; no hidden fees, full clarity

Testimonials from Social WiFi Certified Resellers:

The Social WiFi platform is very stable and relevant for this day and age. The team at Social WiFi have been very prompt with technical support, customisations, training and demo support when requested, especially offered during key account presentations. As a local reseller of the Social WiFi solution, we have witnessed a very short selling cycle and are happy to scale this solution to markets beyond our own.

Please use the form below to contact our Partner Channel Manager. Let us know about the businesses you work with, so we can share corresponding materials with you.