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WiFi for Sport Venues

WiFi can be used in sport venues in order to increase entertainment value and create a more welcoming place for your audience.

The primary reason for this is quite simple - people not only want to watch the event; they also want to share it with their mobile devices. The thing is, for the past few years the quality of our cameras (and thus, the file size) have increased dramatically, while mobile data, despite being cheaper than ever, still can be an issue. Fans expect to be able to connect to their favorite social media.

For the NFL, one of the largest sports organizations in the world, the issue escalated very quickly. It's CIO, Michelle McKenna-Doyle, expressed it simply: the more data we make available to people, the more data they will use. The situation is similar to what hotels experienced several years ago, when WiFi stopped being an added feature, and became an absolute necessity to the same extent as water or food.

Social WiFi