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How often can I send out email campaigns?

Using our built-in Campaigns feature, emails can be sent every two weeks to the same group of users. It means that if you send two different emails to men and to women on the same day, both group will get them. However, if you send two emails to all users simultaneously, nobody will receive the second one.

How does the star rating system work?

The rating request is sent after 3 hours of the user disconnecting in case of most venues and after 12 hours in case of hotels. After the user clicks on one of the stars, you can communicate with him in the Ratings without comments tab. If he leaves an additional opinion, you can use the Messages tab to reply.

How does Check-in work?

When a user checks in using Welcome Page, it can be done with one click if he logged in using Facebook. If he used another method, he will be additionally asked for permission by Facebook.

When do we use notifications in social media?

We use notifications only for the users that have logged in using Facebook and have been active within the network in the last 28 days. When you create a Facebook event using your fanpage connected to Social WiFi, these users will automatically receive an invitation. Additionally, the event will be shown on the welcome page. You can track the efficiency of this feature in Statistics of Events.

To whom can I send direct messages?

You can use the Messages tab to send directed messages to the users who have contacted you first, either through the contact form on the Welcome Page or through a review attached to their rating via the Star Rating System. Additionally, in the Ratings without Comments tab, you can contact the users who hasn't attached a review to their rating.

Can I show something before the login screen?

Yes – we have this option available for images in the Content Management tab. You can tick the "Display before login page" checkbox and your chosen image will be shown for at least 5 seconds before the login screen pops up. It works in a similar fashion to YouTube ads.

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