Use all the possibilities offered by Social WiFi:

New Facebook fans

You can encourage your guests to like your fanpage on Facebook.

And it’s not just about numbers – your new fans will be authentic customers who visit your place, are likely to come back again and recommend your business to their friends.

Facebook check-ins

Customers can check in at your place on Facebook. This way, customers can personally recommend your business to their friends and attract more new people.

100 checked in WiFi users means 12 000 people who will see information about you.

Mailings and notifications

You’ll get your message across straight to your actual customers.

For example, the effectiveness rate of traditional mailing campaigns ranges from 1% to 5%, however, in the case of Facebook notifications it raises to 25%-100%.

Live promotions

Every customer who uses your WiFi will see your current promotions and offers.

You can create as many new promotional campaigns as you want – add text banners, video clips or images.


Your customers will see all the events planned in your place and will be able to join them easily.

This way they will recommend your business and events to their friends.


Surveys are an extremely effective tool for assessing the quality of customer service. You can send questionnaires to people who have visited your business and used your services and they can supplement or substitute the mystery shopper.

The average response rate for direct surveys sent shortly after the guest’s visit is 18%.

Direct messages from clients

WiFi users can easily send messages directly to you or your manager — with just one click.

You can obtain new, valuable feedback directly from your customers.

Customer base

Every guest who logs in to your WiFi will automatically added to your customer database. This will allow you to communicate with the people who have already benefited from your services and are likely to come back and bring their friends.


You will be able to know your customers better. You’ll gain access to essential customer insight, so that you can communicate with your WiFi users directly and tailor your marketing efforts to them.

Social WiFi Box

Social WiFi Box is an exceptionally safe, modern router that can be connected directly to the Internet cable, to a modem or a router.It is compatible with all devices available on the market – just plug it and it works!

2 WiFi networks: for you and your customers

Social WiFi divides the WiFi band into 2 independent networks – one for your business and the other for your customers. This solution allows your customers to gain equal access to the Internet without hindering the Internet connection needed to run your business.

Marketing materials

You will get stickers and stands that will inform your customers of free WiFi available at your place, which will encourage more people to log in. Thanks to them you will be able to enhance your customer base, the number of recommendations and the reach of your campaigns.

Technical guarantee

Throughout the duration of the contract we ensure technical support and, in case of problems with the equipment, a replacement of Social WiFi Box.

Charity support

You can choose to support a charity organization with Social WiFi.

Start gaining real benefits from free WiFi.

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