Social WiFi for Events

Social WiFi Event is a service dedicated to event organizers. It gives you a possibility to provide free WiFi for your participants.

Many people use the Internet to tell their friends about the event using social media, which automatically increases your range and recognition.

Using Social WiFi, the participants will be pleased with free Internet access and you will still be in touch with them after your event ends.

Everywhere – indoors, outdoors, on events both small (conferences, shows) and large (music festivals for tens of thousands of people). We provide LTE and multiSIM modems which makes it possible for us to service any number of WiFi users.

After logging into Social WiFi the participants see your custom Facebook-integrated homepage. As the manager, you may locate any promotional information, custom actions and upcoming events. We can also synchronize your homepage with any apps you use for your events.

Every participants using our hotspot is automatically registered in the database. Thanks to that, the manager can stay in touch with the visitors. Using mailing and Facebook push notification features you may build up loyalty, inform about new products and special offers, or redirect the users to any website. The effectiveness of e-mails sent by Social WiFi is up to 30% CTR – which means that they are read by 30 out of 100 people – far more effective than in case of usual methods.
With just a few clicks you can show new information on the welcome page – thanks to that, every WiFi user will i.e. check the schedule or take a look at available attractions. You can place infographics, clips and texts there.
Social WiFi Stars – after the event every participant receives an invitation to rate it on a scale from 1 to 5 stars. They may also choose to fill out a survey and write their opinions. Thanks to this system, you will know what went great and what you can improve.
Do you advertise your events in Google or use remarketing codes? From now on you may extend the range of these actions outside of your website and begin more effective remarketing.

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““Over 75% respondants claim that wireless internet is, apart from coffee, the most vital attribute of a good coffeehouse chain.” – report by ORC Rynek Opinia Research Institute

“94% of hotel guests admitted that free WiFi is among the most important amenities in a hotel” – Hotel Chatter

“71% of mobile communication is conducted using WiFi network” – Wi-Fi Alliance

“At the end of 2013, there were more mobile devices than people on Earth” – SAP

“76% of retailers expect to offer storewide WiFi this year” – MediaPost.

ABI Research forecasts that public Wi-Fi hotspot deployments are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.2% reaching 13.3 million in 2020

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