Use all the possibilities offered by Social WiFi:

ico14 Device under warranty

Social WiFi router is compatible with all devices available on the market. What is more, it’s under warranty for the whole service duration.

ico11 Two Wi-Fi networks: for you and your Clients

The service may divide the bandwidth into 2 independent networks, first one for your business and the second for your Clients. Thanks to this solution, your Clients and employees will have equal Internet access.

 Panel-logowania Log-in system

Wi-Fi users have to log in using their email address or social media profile. It allows precise identification of the users.

 Remarketing Remarketing codes implementation

If you advertise your business on Facebook or Google, you may choose to place your remarketing code on the first page seen by the users. Thanks to accurate remarketing, you may decrease CPC by up to 50%.

 Strona-powitalna Custom welcome page

After the users log in, they see your Facebook-integrated welcome page that includes any content you may place there with the help of a simple creator.

 ico01 Integrations with social media

Social WiFi allows logging in with all of the most popular social media. Your welcome page is also integrated with your business’ fanpage – the users may check in and like it with just one click.

ico09 Statistics

You gain access to users’ demographics and network usage statistics. You may profile your Clients and establish direct contact with them.

 ico12 Marketing materials

You will receive stickers and stands that inform your Clients about free Wi-Fi. This enables an increase of your user database, reach and recommendations.

ico07 Messages from the Clients

Social WiFi removes communication barriers and allows the users to send direct messages to the manager – all it takes is one click. You may gather valuable feedback straight from your Clients.

ico03 Email campaigns

You’ll get your message across straight to your actual Clients using Social WiFi’s built-in email creator.

ico15 Star rating system

After visiting your business, every user will receive a request to rate it on a scale from 1 to 5. He may choose to leave an additional opinion to which you can reply.

ico06 Surveys

They’re an effective tool for obtaining feedback on customer service quality that may substitute for mystery shopper.

 Review-Express Integration with TripAdvisor Review Express

If your business is registered on TripAdvisor, Social WiFi gives you an opportunity to automatically send the users requests to leave their opinion there. This increases your business’ popularity and rating.

ico08 User database export

Social WiFi allows for free user database export in accordance with your local law. You may use it with any platform that operates on databases.

 Pakiet-startowy Welcome pack

Every user that connects to your network for the first time will see the most important information about your business that you decide to share. He will also receive it via email.

 Pakiet-konferencyjny Conference pack

The participants at your conferences will receive any a special email that you may choose to prepare specifically for them.