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Feu Vert service stations now using Social WiFi

Feu Vert is one of the leaders of European automotive service industry. It emphasizes not only quality, but also care for the environment. However, repairs and maintenance take some time, and it would be nice to keep the customer entertained during that period. The company has solved this problem by providing its visitors free internet by Social WiFi.

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Social WiFi acts as a marketing analytics tool in Feu Vert stations, making life easier for both the customers and the management. This happens due to analytical component of the service, which gathers basic personal and demographic data, as well as allows to conduct marketing communication and gather opinions of the visitors.

Even before the customers enter the station, they will be informed about the presence of free Wi-Fi zone. Despite the fact that many visitors appreciate access to the internet, they might find it difficult to notice its availability. Studies show that properly informing one’s customers about a Wi-Fi network at the venue increases the amount of users by up to 25%, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

After connecting to the network, the customers have the possibility to log in with their email or social media account. This way the company receives access to information such as name, surname and gender, allowing it to conduct direct communication with visitors in the future.
There are many ways of encouraging a client to come back to you. One of them is to use remarketing codes on the login and welcome page in order to display personalized ads to the user. Not only does it encourage the person to come back, but also prevents the business from sending him unwanted and disliked content.

Another feature provided by Social WiFi is the possibility to rate the quality of service. After leaving the station, the customer receives a message asking him to rate his experience on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. It helps to uphold high standards of customer happiness and detect potential issues, all while giving the visitors a sense of engagement in development of the venue they visit.
The ratings are gathered continuously, ensuring that the users’ opinions will be taken under consideration.

The service is also integrated with SALESmanago, allowing to send multiple mailings to the email addresses gathered by Social WiFi. Every Feu Vert location is tagged separately in the system, allowing them to contact their local customers, as well as those of every single location. It is especially useful in case of globally available promotions or new offers.

Feu Vert has multiple locations in Europe. Implementing Social WiFi in the venues located in Poland results in increased marketing possibilities of these locations, proving that Social WiFi can be utilized in any line of business.

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