Energa Stadium in Gdansk – the first in Poland to use smart Wi-Fi

In July Energa Stadium in Gdansk began to use Social WiFi’s service, which after connecting to the stadium’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure changed it into a free hotspot available for all participants of the stadium’s events. It allows for communication with … Read more

Poke-marketing, or how to promote local business

Adult people running around in parks and looking for virtual creatures, multiple crashes on highways caused by rare species appearing, people knocking to foreign flats and walking into backyards just because the game led them there. We have no doubts … Read more

Social WiFi 4.0 premiere – New interface, new possibilities

Along with steadily growing number of hotspots and the popularity of Wi-Fi technology, Social WiFi continues the effort to utilize its potential to the fullest. Since July the clients have received access to Social WiFi version 4.0. With the introduction … Read more

5 reasons to implement Wi-Fi in a restaurant

Wi-Fi in a restaurant is a standard these days. However, not everyone is fully aware of how important the wireless network is for the comfort of customers. 75% of people surveyed think that Wi-Fi is the second (right after coffee) … Read more

5 steps to boost revenues in your shops with Wi-Fi

The world changes in a very rapid and more unpredictable way it did a few decades ago. The same  happens with trends, even more with people’s needs. Today’s competitive market forces to rethink marketing strategies and ways to reach customers … Read more

Social WiFi along with Profitroom on ITB Berlin

Social WiFi along with Profitroom team will participate in Europe’s leading touristic event – ITB Berlin Trade Show. Artur Racicki is going to present smart WiFi services for Hotels which allow further communication with their guests. Beneficial aspects of service … Read more

Celebrate third birthday of Social WiFi with us!

7th of March is a special day for Social WiFi. We defenitely consider “seven” a lucky number – all started with that date three years ago. Since then, it has been 1095 day of determination, sleepless nights and sacrifices along … Read more

Social WiFi named in TOP 5 Polish startups

“Orzeł Innowacji” is a competition organized by “Rzeczpospolita” with the support of Polish Agency for Digital Development, RWE Poland, Millennium Bank and Integer Group. This year Social WiFi has been chosen as one of the 5 most innovative and forward-looking … Read more