Hackathon – Social WiFi, Pozytywnie.pl and SEEDiA!

Hackathon is a kind of marathon which is based on completing a certain objective. It’s mostly targeted to software developers, graphic designers or project managers. It usually lasts one or two days, during which they work on achieving a goal … Read more

How important is mobile marketing?

Marketing is invaluable when it comes to promoting products and services. There are many ways in which the companies are trying to reach potential and existing customers. What is one of the best ones the 21st century? To use the … Read more

Once again: The Noble Box 2016

Christmas is right around the corner. This special time of the year is related to many traditions – the Christmas Eve supper, decorating the Christmas tree and giving others the long-awaited presents. The last tradition is the one we wanted … Read more

Kontigo shops of Eurocash Group now with Social WiFi

The Kontigo chain owned by Eurocash Group has become a client of Social WiFi. The service will allow them to provide free Wi-Fi access to their customers. Kontigo shops of Eurocash Group are dedicated to women. All aspects of the … Read more

Feu Vert service stations now using Social WiFi

Feu Vert is one of the leaders of European automotive service industry. It emphasizes not only quality, but also care for the environment. However, repairs and maintenance take some time, and it would be nice to keep the customer entertained … Read more

Social WiFi serving the Guests of Hotel Moran

  It is not unusual for hotels to struggle with keeping their customers. According to statistics, free guest Wi-Fi is among most looked after commodities, and locations that fail to provide it are exposed to risk. As much as 38% … Read more

Shopping Center of the 21st century: Six must-have marketing tools

Technological progress causes enormous changes all around the world. We are currently in the stage of the fastest IT technology development in history. The real world combines with the virtual one, and entrepreneurs have to follow the changes. Today we … Read more

Lounge Apartments in Cracow use Social WiFi

Lounge Apartments are modern apartments located in Cracow, perfect for both long and short stays. They are located 5 minutes away from the Main Market Square. The apartments utilize Social WiFi, a marketing analytics tool, which allows for two-way communication … Read more

Energa Stadium in Gdansk – the first in Poland to use smart Wi-Fi

In July Energa Stadium in Gdansk began to use Social WiFi’s service, which after connecting to the stadium’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure changed it into a free hotspot available for all participants of the stadium’s events. It allows for communication with … Read more

Poke-marketing, or how to promote local business

Adult people running around in parks and looking for virtual creatures, multiple crashes on highways caused by rare species appearing, people knocking to foreign flats and walking into backyards just because the game led them there. We have no doubts … Read more