Social WiFi is for

Bars and pubs



Schools and universities


Shopping centres


Mass events


Fitness clubs

1. Your customers connect to Social WiFi

2. Log in to use WiFi

Your customers can use their accounts on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linked In, Foursquare or an email address.


3. See your welcome page

They can like your profile on Facebook, see current offers and events in your place, send you a message or fill out a survey.


4. You gain customer insight and contact options

From this moment you can see statistical data about your WiFi users, you can send them surveys to ask about their opinions or encourage them to come back by mailings and Facebook notifications.

Plans and Pricing

Our customers say about us:

Our guests often praise our WiFi service which allows them not only use the Internet for free, but also check out most recent offers and promotions. We were surprised that many of them preferred to use contact form built in Social WiFi User Panel than going to the reception in person. That clearly shows the direction in which hotel business is heading.

Rafał Burski, Ecommerce Manager at Satoria Group S.A.

Thanks to this service, we can encourage customers to come back through special offers — prepared especially for them.

Aleksandra Tyminska, President of Premium Food Restaurants S.A, owner of 77 Sushi restaurant chain

What is Social WiFi? Well, for me it is a tool which helps me to stay close to my customers. I can wish them good day and successful shopping. I like to maintain a good communication with all clients and keep them up to date with our offer. I can achieve all these thanks to Social WiFi.

Maciej Kudyba, Du-ża Mi-ha

In my opinion Social WiFi is a very useful marketing tool. Restaurant guests can enjoy our free WiFi and we are able to learn about their preferences and suggestions. The most useful, I think, is an ability to inform our guests about incoming promotions and concerts.

Katarzyna Poczeta, The Mexican Sopot

How to use Social WiFi:

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