The Social WiFi Three Step Guide to Reopening your Business

A sign saying "we're open"

OK people – listen up! It’s time to start thinking about how you are going to succeed as a business when you reopen the doors and invite customers and guests back in. It’s tough right now but unless we start thinking about what happens after COVID, these tough times will continue for longer than needed.

So, here is the three-step process that we at Social WiFi are recommending you take.

Disclaimer: If you don’t have a customer contact database, this isn’t for you and you really need to start building one.

Step One: Ask for positive reviews online

This is like free SEO with no computing skills required. The better your reputation on review sites, the more likely new customers are to choose you. And its local too, so you’re not competing with giant corporates.

In your message, seek empathy. Explain how much a positive review will help you rebuild your business. Just a few minutes of your time will be the world of difference to the people who work at your business.

Choose a site that’s important to you. It might be Facebook Recommendations, TripAdvisor, Google Reviews. Remember that Google now also pulls data from other review sites too. And your Google Review score does impact your SEO ranking.

Step Two: Announce your relaunch and incentivise

Make sure that people know you’re reopening and broadcast on as many channels as you can. Email, Facebook, Instagram, SMS. Everywhere. Its going to be like VE day again and people will be in a mood to spend and get out of isolation.

Incentivise it too. Choice will be vast so make sure people have a reason to choose you.

  • Discount for first 200 customers
  • Something free with every purchase that meets a certain criteria
  • A gesture for Key Workers (this will also be good PR)

Have fun and grab people’s attention.

Step Three: Host events

Make your relaunch into more than just opening your doors. Turn it into a party. Announce on all your channels that you’ll be doing it in style. Let people know that if they come to your venue, it’ll be a celebration and a chance to enjoy themselves now they are free from isolation.

People can choose to visit you any time you are open. But why now? Creating a specific reason creates scarcity, which creates a fear of missing out.

Again, get people’s attention and have fun with it. Theme your events too.

Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is. Be prepared for the end of lock down and hit the ground running.

Stay safe and healthy and see you on the other side!

Paul Webster
Social WiFi CEO