Social WiFi – Several changes and new features

At Social WiFi, we constantly try new solutions in order to further develop our service and provide our Clients with the most comfortable and useful features. We also test the existing ones in order to adjust them to the users’ needs. Today we would like to present you several of our latest changes.


New rating icons – smileys instead of stars

Social WiFi gathered feedback from its customers regarding our rating system. This resulted in a small change. The stars that had been used until this moment were substituted by smileys corresponding to different levels of satisfaction. This turned out to increase the total number of ratings sent.

Expanded opinion gathering system

Our new system allows you to add customized questions to our star rating system. This allows the service’s managers to request feedback from their customers regarding a particular aspect of their service.

Setting up contests

From now on, creating contests is available for every Client of Social WiFi. Define questions, take bets, receive answers and reward the winners – it’s now possible for everyone.

Hourly scheduled content

The content of your welcome page can now be scheduled for specified hourly periods. This way you can determine the information your customers will see at every time of day and night.

Displaying image before login

Our new feature makes it possible to display an image that can be skipped after 5 seconds before the login screen. The user will then continue with the normal login process. The functionality will make it easier to promote new events or offers.

Social WiFi is a multipurpose service containing both analytical and marketing components, as well as the possibility to gather feedback from visitors and enter into a dialogue with them. The features offered by the service interact with each other, creating a comprehensive solution for all lines of business.