Social WiFi serving the Guests of Hotel Moran


It is not unusual for hotels to struggle with keeping their customers. According to statistics, free guest Wi-Fi is among most looked after commodities, and locations that fail to provide it are exposed to risk. As much as 38% of customers considers it a deal breaker and is willing to change their booking. Hospitality industry has to adapt or face great challenges, and the managers of Hotel Moran understand it perfectly – that’s why they decided to utilize Social WiFi.

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It is clear that customers have certain expectations of their standards of comfort. However, it becomes significantly more difficult to determine what those requirements are precisely. It usually causes the owner to look for this information on the internet or in magazines, but there is a much simpler way to learn about it: to ask the customer directly. That is exactly where Social WiFi steps in.

As a marketing analytics tool, Social WiFi makes it possible for its clients to gather customer data by using social media login. It allows for creating personalized mailing campaigns, viewing statistics of visiting customers, setting up information packs that the customers will receive after logging into Wi-Fi, and – most importantly – conducting a direct, two-way communication with the Guests.

How it works
After visiting Hotel Moran and connecting to the free Wi-Fi network, the customers are greeted with a welcome page. It allows them to use Facebook to check-in or like the hotel’s page, as well as use their phone to directly call the staff. They also receive information about upcoming events that they might be interested in.

Social WiFi also allows the hotel to keep its patrons well-informed by sending them information via email. As soon as the customer connects to the network, they receive an email which describes the hotel’s policies and opening hours for particular venues.

The customer is always right
It would seem obvious that hotel patrons are the most informed and indicative group when it comes to quality of service. The question is, how to ask them what their opinions are? Many approaches such as lengthy questionnaires or overblown surveys are quick to discourage customers, mostly due to using too much of their time or being inconvenient to complete. In this case, what way is there to receive a large number of honest opinions?

With Social WiFi’s help, Hotel Moran decided to take a different approach. After leaving the hotel, the patron receives a message asking him to rate the service on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. This way the rating can be done quickly and with only one or two touches of the screen. If the customer has a particular concern he would like to voice, he can post his own opinion that the managers can directly respond to in order to explain the situation or discourage the customer from posting an unfavourable review. It not only increases a hotel’s ratings, but also makes patrons more involved in improving the place and allows the managers to act on customer concerns.


Social WiFi is utilized in many locations around the world. It’s features allow for a number of ways of communication and marketing, however it is in the hands of the managers to encourage their customers to come back to their venue. Hotel Moran is a great example of how the service can be used in order to complete that goal.