Social WiFi now working with Polskie Tatry Group

Tatra Mountains are visited every year by millions of tourists, including both winter sports aficionados and people who simply want to admire the beauty of mountain landscapes. Of course one of the most important aspects of anyone’s stay is where they are quartered – and in this regard, Polskie Tatry S.A. Group is second to none in the region.

Social WiFi & Polskie Tatry on a background of Tatra Mountains in bloom

The Group consists of several resident hotels and inns, as well as an aquapark. Thanks to the broad spectrum of attractions it offers everyone can find something for themselves. In order to make sure that the standards of the Group will remain high, it decided to implement smart WiFi in all its venues.

How does it work?

At the end of its stay every person residing in one of the venues will receive a direct message asking to rate its satisfaction. Thousands of guests provide a rating and a short comment, thus allowing the customer service departments of Polskie Tatry Group to establish what aspects of their service require improvement. What is more, each of the ratings can be responded to, which allows for effective reputation management – the Guests who encountered unpleasant situations can be nurtured by a properly conducted dialogue. On the other hand, the ones with great experiences can be easily directed to external portals such as TripAdvisor, where they will more eagerly share their favourable opinions.

Social WiFi allows us to, among others, instantly communicate with our Guests and automatically gather their opinions. Thanks to these functionalities we can raise our standards of customer service, which is crucial in our industry, says about smart WiFi Bartosz Sudnik, Service Sales and Marketing Director of Polskie Tatry S.A.

That’s not all…

The features available to Social WiFi’s clients are much broader. You can read about the hotels that utilize tools such as email automation or remarketing codes in multiple other articles on our blog.