Social WiFi now in the largest shopping center in Central Europe

Manufaktura Shopping Center recently added Social WiFi’s services to its promotion and communication practices, thus transforming its existing WiFi infrastructure into a marketing analytics tool.

Logos of Manufaktura and Social WiFi

“We are planning to utilise the possibilities of Social WiFi to the maximum. Manufaktura is not only a shopping center, but also includes entertainment and cultural facilities. Smart WiFi will allow us to promote both our tenants and, what is equally important to us, Manufaktura and its events and attractions. Additionally, Social WiFi has been integrated with our TripAdvisor profile, making it easy for visitors to provide their opinions about our venue, which is Lodz’s tourist destination”, says Monika Długosz-Łempicka, Manufaktura’s Marketing Director.

Manufaktura at nighttime

How does it work? After entering the shopping center, the customer logs into the WiFi with either their email or social media account, while the service displays personalised content on the screen. After leaving the venue, the visitor can still be contacted thanks to Social WiFi’s messaging system, social media integrations, targeted mailings and remarketing ads resulting from cookies included as part of the login process.

Moreover, after the visitor leaves Manufaktura they will receive a request to click a smiley face that corresponds to their level of satisfaction. It is also possible to introduce a survey which will, for example, ask what new brands would the customers want to see in the centre. Gathering reviews and suggestions makes it possible to increase the quality of customer service and to better address the consumers’ needs.

Artur Racicki, Paul Webster and Karol Nowalski

“We are proud of working together with Manufaktura. It is a reference point for the Polish retail sector. From now on, Social WiFi will act as a new tool in the hands of Manufaktura’s marketing department, allowing it to effectively communicate the tenants’ offers to the customers and conduct sales campaigns targeted directly to them”, says Artur Racicki, CEO Social WiFi.