Social WiFi 4.0 premiere – New interface, new possibilities

Along with steadily growing number of hotspots and the popularity of Wi-Fi technology, Social WiFi continues the effort to utilize its potential to the fullest. Since July the clients have received access to Social WiFi version 4.0. With the introduction of a new Client Panel, Wi-Fi marketing became not only more effective, but also more accessible.

Mockup Logo

First observable difference in the 4.0 version of the service is a completely new design of the panel. By testing many solutions we have managed to create a tool which allows to manage the analytics and monetization of data acquired via Wi-Fi in even easier and more intuitive way. Our proprietary software allows us to present reports in the form of interactive charts and detailed effectiveness statistics.


However, we have not stopped on cosmetical changes. Among new features we have included the analytics of efficiency of elements located at the welcome site. We learn how users react to particular content by displaying it or performing interactions, allowing us to better adjust our marketing communication to the clients.


The long list of Social WiFi features now also includes sending automated birthday emails. We receive the birth date when a user logs in with social media. He then automatically leaves such data as age or gender. Using birthday emails is a guaranteed way of increasing customer loyalty and a perfect occasion to encourage further visits.


In order to make it easier to provide internet access to people who do not want to leave their data during the logging process, we have decided to introduce multiple-use login bypass vouchers in Social WiFi 4.0. Generating one-time codes is no longer necessary – a code might be kept active regardless of the number of uses.


Constant development of the service causes Social WiFi to become a platform working on multiple levels. On one hand we have an analytic engine at disposal, gathering user data and presenting it in a detailed, but accessible way. On the other hand we have a line of functionalities to gather and aggregate opinions (secret shopper online), perform two-way communication and automate marketing operations.

Logotypy Klientów

Social WiFi is being utilized within multiple business sectors – shopping centers, i.a. JLL’s Forum Shopping Center, restaurant chains (Dunkin’ Donuts), hotels (Holiday Inn, JM Hotel), and even sports objects such as Energa Gdańsk stadium. The service is available in 18 countries, while the new face of the Client Panel allows for managing it from a single place – Wi-Fi marketing has achieved a whole new level.

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