Smart WiFi in Pizza Dominium restaurant chain

Pizza Dominium chain is using Social WiFi for all its restaurants.

Logos of Pizza Dominium & Social WiFi

Social WiFi will allow us to interact with our customers, understand their needs, prepare dedicated offers, measure their satisfactions and, most importantly, encourage them to return and build loyalty. Social media and TripAdvisor Review Express integrations are particularly important to us, says Renata Maroszek, Marketing & Sales Director of Pizza Dominium.

Artur Racicki, Social WiFi CEO added: We are proud of this collaboration. Research shows that restaurants offering free WiFi are far more attractive to customers. Satisfied visitors are not the only benefit for the venue; our services allow for interaction with the customers, gathering and analysing data, as well as conducting targeted marketing communication, all resulting in increased revenue.

Pizza Dominium owns 66 casual dining restaurants across Poland. The first venue opened in Warsaw in 1993 and since the beginning has been serving pizza based on the best original Italian recipes and this tradition continues to this day. Dominium has over 30 kinds of pizza and other Italian dishes, including pasta, salads, snacks and Italian desserts.

Social WiFi is an innovative tool for marketing and analytics, allowing for customer identification and profiling through WiFi networks. The platform enables two-way communication, measuring customer experience and building loyalty in hospitality and retail sectors.