Reputation management with Tobaco Hotel

Tobaco Hotel is an extraordinary venue in the heart of Poland. It’s located in an old cigarette factory, however it does not resemble it in the slightest now – Tobaco Hotel offers a refreshing mix of industrial interiors and innovative technologies now joined by Social WiFi.
Hotel Tobaco and Social WiFi
A dedicated Social WiFi portal is at the disposal of the guests, providing them with a list of available offers and local attractions. What is more, they can leave their opinion about the stay after leaving. Such solution helps the hotel to understand its guests and optimise its services.
Jakub Rosły of Tobaco Hotel

Social WiFi helps us to keep in touch with our guests. Its integration with TripAdvisor ensures an accelerated growth in the number of reviews, effectively boosting our position in the ranking, says Jakub Rosły, Head of Sales and Marketing at Tobaco Hotel.

Artur Racicki, Social WiFi CEO, adds: Professionals in the hospitality sector pay a lot of attention to the customer journey of hotel guests. Social WiFi tools are an important touchpoint, not only for the guests still at the hotel, but also after they leave.

Social WiFi is an innovative analytical marketing tool which allows for customer identification and profiling by using WiFi networks. The platform allows hotels to build databases of their guests in accordance with legal requirements (including GDPR). Social WiFi makes it possible to target Guest communication, analyze their experiences, build customer loyalty and conduct two-way communication in order to improve quality of service.