Q Hotel chain now collaborating with Social WiFi!

Meeting the expectations of your Guests is not an easy task, especially if they were high to begin with. It takes personalized approach to each visitor and excellent communication between the Guests and staff. In order to make sure that each person leaves the hotel satisfied, the Q Hotel chain decided to utilize the service provided by Social WiFi.

Q hotel

Q Hotel is a chain with venues is multiple locations in Poland, including Wroclaw, Krakow, Gdansk and Katowice. Suitable both for private and business Guests, the group provides modern interior design, high quality equipment and a broad range of services.

Using the free network provided by Social WiFi requires the users to log in with their email address or social media account. It only takes several seconds, and the service will automatically remember the Guest on his next visit.

After the login process he will be redirected to the welcome page, on which the hotel’s managers can display any sort of content. For example, they might include information about the venue, its offer or available discounts. This way the visitors have easy access to all the information they might be interested in.

Social WiFi allows the hotel to utilize data such as age, sex or language used, helping to improve communication with the Guests. In order to achieve this, the service provides mailing functions that make it possible to adjust their content to particular target groups and automatically send them. Customizing the information to the people’s needs and preferences increases the chance that they will be interested with the materials they receive.

It is also possible to send messages immediately after the Guest logs into the WiFi network. This way he will receive the most important information about the hotel’s offer or nearby attractions right after he arrives.

Additionally, the service allows for gathering feedback from the visitors thanks to our Mystery Shopper Online system. After leaving the hotel, the Guests will receive an automated email asking them to rate the venue on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. It can easily be integrated with TripAdvisor, making it possible for the visitors to quickly and easily post their opinion on the portal. The more reviews are being added, the more improved the hotel’s scoring and positioning on the platform will be.

The TripAdvisor message only arrives several days after they leave the venue, as opposed to the internal rating system. Thanks to this information, the managers are able to directly answer the opinions beforehand and prevent the negative ones from being posted publicly. Taking the Guests’ perspective into consideration is one of the simplest ways to increase their satisfaction and maintain their loyalty.

Social WiFi allows to further raise the standards of service and positively impacts customer communication, creating the possibility to provide the guests with the most important information regarding their stay in the hotel.

“The Guests praise the functionality of “startpacks” that contain most crucial information about the hotel, allowing them to have it available at all times. Social WiFi’s communication is also geared towards international Guests who speak English. What attracts particular attention is the information displayed on the welcome page, which can include details about current promotions or events. It’s a very effective channel of communication, since we learned from experience that most of our visitors connect with the WiFi. Moreover, it is integrated with our Facebook fanpage, encouraging them to like us and keep in touch with us. Since we’ve been using Social WiFi we can better communicate with our patrons, while the opinions they leave allow us to consistently improve our services”, says Katarzyna Hop, Marketing Specialist of Q Hotel.