Once again: The Noble Box 2016

Christmas is right around the corner. This special time of the year is related to many traditions – the Christmas Eve supper, decorating the Christmas tree and giving others the long-awaited presents. The last tradition is the one we wanted to bring particular attention to.

Sometimes our situation does not allow us to spend this holiday in the merry and cozy atmosphere that we know. Our life is influenced by many factors, frequently remaining outside of our control. That’s why this year, once again, the teams of Social WiFi, Pozytywnie.pl, SEEDiA and SGP LEGAL Snażyk Granicki jointly participated in the Noble Box Project, which aims to bring help to those families who need it the most during Christmas.


The teams worked together on preparing Christmas presents for one of the families, causing us joy not only from participation in the project, but also from the preparation process itself. Christmas atmosphere became widespread throughout the office, while the stack of presents lying down in the hallway caused a smile on the face of everyone who walked by.

Just like every year, we hope that our contribution will allow someone to experience this holiday in the same way we’re used to. Sharing this happiness is exactly what the magic of Christmas is all about.

Szlachetna Paczka