March 2020 Product Update

What has the Social WiFi product team been up to? Check it out below!

Admin permissions

Screenshot - admin permission

You can add other accounts to your projects and venues… and now they can add more accounts as well! Be careful – those admin accounts will have full access to the project or venue!

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Gmail integration

Screenshot - Gmail integration
In addition to the existing option of configuring an SMTP server manually in order to send emails, now you can connect your Gmail account in exactly 5 clicks!
You can learn more about SMTP servers here.

Adjusted webhooks

Screenshot - Webhooks
We have adjusted our webhooks system to communicate with the exact URL selected in the dashboard. This means that you can now not only build your own custom integrations, but also use such services as Integromat or Zapier. We have prepared a short guide on how to send data to MailChimp via Integromat – you can read all about it here.

Other improvements

  • Email attachments: you can include attachments in your emails, both in Mass mailings and Automations.
  • SALESmanago integration and tags: you can automatically sync data with your SALESmanago CRM; it also includes such information as language, age, gender and more.
  • Pasting multiple APs: if your network is using multiple APs, the process of adding them in the panel might have not been the most comfortable. Now it’s as simple as copying and pasting a list!