Madison Gallery now with Social WiFi!

It becomes increasingly important for shopping centers to communicate with their visitors and conduct information such as current offers, ongoing promotions and upcoming events. It is also necessary to gather opinions from their customers. In order to do so, the Madison Gallery decided to implement a solution which allows it to easily meet those demands. We are, of course, talking about Social WiFi.


The Madison Gallery is a shopping center located in Gdansk, housing over 100 shops, restaurants and service points. It also contains office spaces as well as doctor’s offices for the visitors.

How does Social WiFi work? It’s quite simple. The customer walks into the shopping mall, and – like many of us – logs into the WiFi network. The service allows him to connect to the internet for free. It is only required to log in with a social media account or an email address.

Additionally, right after they connect they will be redirected to a welcome page, which can include any sort of content set by the managers, ranging from announcements to videos. In this case, the Madison Gallery’s June splash page features latest offers from their renters as well as a weekend promotion in form of free styling consultations.

That’s not all when it comes to the features. The service also allows the managers to better get to know their visitors by gathering information such as age, sex and language used. They can be grouped into statistics and databases that will allow marketers to send out targeted mailing campaigns. This will increase the chance that the receiver will be interested by the message’s content, thus impacting the open and click-through rate.

Another part are welcome packs, or emails that are immediately received by the user after he logs into the network. In case of the Madison Gallery, they inform about renters’ offers and the possibility to acquire a loyalty card, which enables multiple discounts in the center.

A crucial component to the service is the ability to gather opinions of the users thanks to the Mystery Shopper Online system. After a visit in the Madison Gallery, the client will receive an email asking him to rate his stay on a scale of 1 to 5 and include his own review. Thanks to gathering the data about the experiences of the visitors, the gallery is able to consistently increase its standards of service and adapt to the customers’ needs.

Communication provided by Social WiFi is not one-sided. After leaving their opinion, the managers of the service are able to directly answer the comments (especially the negative ones) in order to quickly react and prevent them from appearing on the public internet.
The system is complemented by integration with TripAdvisor Review Express, which helps to increase the number of ratings, and therefore positioning and scoring of the venue. It further increases the ability to conduct a dialogue between the Madison Gallery and its customers, helping to build loyalty and enriching the experiences from their visit.

Social WiFi not only allows for elaborate analytics and marketing possibilities, but also works for the benefit of both the clients as well as the renters and owners of the Madison Gallery. The service’s possibilities allow for the most effective communication available on the market.