Łazarski University implements Social WiFi

Łazarski University, the best Polish university in U-Multirank ranking, has met students’ expectations once again and started sharing free Wi-Fi.


Smart Wi-Fi services are extremely effective not only for hospitality and retail sectors. They enable student interactions, informing them about conferences, schedules, news and parties, says Artur Racicki, Social WiFi CEO.

Social WiFi is the next channel for communication with our students. After logging in to the secure Wi-Fi network using social media or email address, users see current information on current events, student life, open lectures or organizational aspects. This tool allows us to automate and personalize e-mail campaigns. E-mail open rate reaches 49%, for example in case of the “Looking for an Intern for Paid Social Media Internship”. What’s especially important for the students is that Social WiFi is integrated with our Facebook profile. It widens the range of our communication, while students and lecturers get a possibility to choose the channel that meets their requirements, says Ewa Opach, Łazarski University Marketing Manager.

zdjęcie Łazarski