Hotel Alter now with Social WiFi

The only 5 star hotel in Lublin is now utilising a smart WiFi solution

Social WiFi & Hotel Alter - logos

Hotel Alter is an exceptional boutique hotel located in the heart of Lublin’s Old Town. Its Guests have access to, among others, a charming spa zone complete with a swimming pool, a modern conference room and a restaurant which was distinguished in multiple competitions. As an addition to its exclusive offer, Hotel Alter decided to implement Social WiFi.

The hotel’s comprehensive online strategy

Hotel Alter conducts modern, Guest-oriented online marketing communication. Connecting the people who physically visit the venue with their online presence allows to increase the range of that communication. Additionally, the hotel can make use of additional channels, such as sending campaigns targeted to a particular demographic.

Front of Hotel Alter

One of the features utilized by Hotel Alter is Social WiFi’s integration with TripAdvisor. This way the Guests are encouraged to submit reviews which are gathered over five times faster since the integration was implemented. It also results in an increase of the venue’s popularity, and thus the amount of people that visit its website and booking page.

“Since we have been using Social WiFi, we are better prepared to cater towards the needs of our Guests”

Since we have been using Social WiFi we are better prepared to cater towards the needs of our Guests. Thanks to WiFi we can build long-lasting relations with our Guests. We pay significant attention to the reviews they leave regarding their stay, which allows us to raise the quality of our hotel’s services. The “startpack” emails also make life much easier for us, as they contain basic information about the hotel and nearby attractions, which is what our Guests frequently ask us about, says Marketing and Sales Manager of Hotel Alter, Dariusz Łazowski.

Ego restaurant of Hotel Alter

Implementations in Lublin, my home town, always make me proud. Greeting a hotel Guest with an automated brochure in the form of an email, a request to rate his stay, or by sending him and individual message allow us to build customer loyalty and ensure that the Guests will be more eager to come back to the venue, adds Artur Racicki, CEO Social WiFi.

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